staycation (part one)

since we made a last minute cancellation of our camping trip up to lake michigan last weekend (to save our sanity and help my ailing body), we spent four days living it up central illinois style.  wahoo!

most of thursday was prep and planning for the weekend (and jesse worked a half day).  but i managed to squeeze in a little migraine in the afternoon.  super fun.

but thursday night kicked it off with a low-key trip to the library.  we stocked up on lots of books for the weekend and splurged on drinks from the coffee shop.  since we have never bought anything there before, it was a big treat for all of us.

staycation (night one)

staycation (night one)

staycation (night one)

staycation (night one)

staycation (night one)

staycation (night one)

i love how something so simple becomes special because of its novelty. since the point of staying home was to take it easy, it was a great starting point for our staycation.

it was not the beach, but a library coffee shop blocks away from home made our kiddos night.


nicole said...

thank God for staycations.

pparker said...

Awww! this is so sweet, too bad the rest of the world wasn't willing to sit back, relax and enjoy the simple things in life. Your kids will be blessed by this!

Lora said...

that's a really good picture of you! you look so cute with a nose ring. :)

inadvertent farmer said...

It just doesn't take much to totally impress little ones...something we need to remember next time we plan a big elaborate vacation! Kim

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