ryka revive

ryka revive

here we are with another shoe review. thank you so much to chambanamoms.com and their sponsor planetshoes.com for asking me to be part of this special promotion. today, i will be giving my two cents on the ryka revive.

i might have squealed a bit when I saw the air mesh sides. (confession: my feet sweat. a lot. and it makes them a bit stinky.) my husband actually said, "those will be great for your sweaty feet." (at least he didn't mention the smell.) these are lightweight shoes with a nice flexible footbed. basically they keep my feet comfy and cool.

i like the bright colors and so does my three year old. her first comment, "they're PINK!" i won major points for that. maybe not my go-to colors, but they get my approval in the cuteness department.

a typical problem i have with athletic shoes is a tightness in the forefoot due to a wide toe box. right away, i could tell a difference with the ryka revives. they stay narrow in the back (no clunky look or feel) but widen where i need it. i can keep them on longer without needing a break from that achiness.

they are promoted as shoes for a moderate runner and, unless you count chasing three kids under five, i am more of a minimum runner. these do work great for my jumping jacks and lunges in front of the tv though.

the ryka revive is the first of three athletic shoes i was given to review. these are the most comfortable for my feet. i look cute and feel good wearing them. can't beat that combination.


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