preparing for school, robot voices, and weekend reads

we are about to begin a brand new adventure at casa hart.  SCHOOL.  can you believe it?  although we are believers that home based learning begins at birth, our first formal year of school starts this september.  and to top it off, we have chosen to homeschool.  so i have been busy as a bee this week.  reading books, gathering curriculums, attending co-op meetings, and sketching out schedules for our family.  although the decision is not new, the school year kinda snuck up on us.  only a month left.  wow.

right now, jesse is downstairs getting the kiddos ready for bed.  he has been speaking in a robot voice for the last ten minutes to the delight of our littles.  he is such a great papi.  we love "stay home days" and are looking forward to the weekend. 

if you are looking for something to read over the weekend, check out some of the links below.

are you miserable?  maybe that's a good thing.

are you living a full life?  or are you merely busy?

i want to read about your story.

let us roll up our sleeves and show our scars.

and it might be a longer read, but i recommend this essay, the lost tools of learning by dorothy sayers (circa 1947).  we have chosen to classically educate our littles.

i am going to step away from the blog this weekend.  see you monday!


Mollie. said...

I am so happy to hear this! I kind of wondered if this would be the way you would go, as it seems so perfect for your family. I was homeschooled all the way through high school, and I get to help with my siblings now. A very good choice for so many reasons!

Sabrina Hlavaty said...

i'm excited to read about your homeschooling journey! i have a couple of years before i have to worry about schedules and curriculum, but it'll be nice to learn and be inspired from your family!

inadvertent farmer said...

Welcome to the wild and totally rewarding life of a homeschool mama! Enjoy the ride...


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