muckin' about

muckin' about

. . . in this slew of playarea detritus.

does anyone have a tried and true method for keeping it under control?  "it" being the ever growing collection of toys and books that clutter our life.  i haven't talked much about simplify focus create lately.  we have not been on-vision lately.  not quite off, but not quite centered either.

today my energy levels were up and we took the opportunity to hit up this problem.  it was a family affair.  we purged a bunch and took about half of the remaining toys to storage in the basement.  it is hard to get rid of things that are in good condition and of good quality, but, frankly, we just don't need it all.  so the goodwill drop-off is a bit more full.

we'll see if this makes a difference in our daily life.  because the simpler we live, the more we seem to appreciate.  (and the less we need to clean up.)


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