how to make scrappity ceiling fan pulls

braided scrap pulls

or we can call this how to stop hurting your back after two years of straining to reach too short chain pulls.  but that might be too long.  and might be a little too specific.

this morning i finally decided to tackle this daily inconvenience.  here is the result.

scrappity strips

step one:  scavenge through the scrap baskets for long strips.  choose three for each pull.

mine were about 15-18 inches long and i made four pulls.

braiding scrappity strips

step B: clip or pin the three strips together and braid together loosely.  knot the braid at each end.

please note that braiding will shorten the length - something i forgot to take into account at first.

braided scrap pulls

step III: tie the braid to the ridiculously short chain pull with twine.

i doubled them up with extra twine to make them secure.  we'll see how well they hold.

oh and they are long enough for jesse and me to reach, but too high up for the kiddos.  well planned mama, well planned.

braided scrap pulls

and voila!  you will now have funky scrappity ceiling fan pulls.

both kiddos rooms are now sporting colorful braids.  my back and shoulders are thanking me.

man do i love a free and fast diy.

i am linking up to works for me wednesday over at we are that family.  (this is my first one!)  


Roni said...

That is so very bohemian and cool. And I love the word "scrappity" . I'm gonna look for a way to use that in a sentence today!:)

Sallie Kate said...

fantastic idea! very clever.

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