a boy in his crib

a boy in his crib

mama, don't leave.  i just got up from my nap!

a boy in his crib

oh, you are just hiding behind the bumper.  that's okay.

a boy in his crib

thanks mama, for opening the curtains and shades. 
i like looking out the window.

a boy in his crib

but i think it is funny you are hiding behind the bumper. 
come closer, so i can see you better.

a boy in his crib

this is cool.  standing up is a little scary, but i love it. 
and if you stay close mama, i will be safe.

a boy in his crib

everything looks different from this view.

a boy in his crib

mama! i love you, love you, love you! 
but why are sitting on the ground?

a boy in his crib

i will just blow raspberries at you. 
and you can admire my adorably round belly. 
don't you like when i spray you?


Lora said...

what cute pictures!! and i can just see you on the floor taking them. makes me smile..

Roni said...

Oh my. I think I've fallen in love.:) Sigh...

nicole said...


Sue said...


inadvertent farmer said...

OK, that is just too sweet! Kim

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