through the eyes of luca

this morning i handed over my camera to luca and gave him an assignment.
take pictures of anything outside that you think is cool.  
that's it.  not what i would like or papi would like or gia would like.  only the things he liked and thought were interesting.  oh and don't drop the camera.

after one of those mornings (including kiddos punching each other and locking me out of rooms - seriously?), i took a quick breather, hopped on the computer and read this post.  loved it!  i pretty much immediately charged him with the task.

his eyes lit up in excitement and he shot out the door ready to snap some photos.  and what he came up with is just fantastic.

(i will caption his thoughts on each shot.)

through the eyes of luca

i liked this tall spiky stem and pink flower.

through the eyes of luca

this is our new big pot with lots of red and green.

through the eyes of luca

more new plants.

through the eyes of luca

the clematis keeps growing taller.

through the eyes of luca

look how big the tomatillo is growing.

through the eyes of luca

these purple flowers smell really good and look nice by the rocks.

through the eyes of luca

i like this super huge and fluffy thing.

through the eyes of luca

i was trying to take a picture of the dill growing under the snap pea trellis.

through the eyes of luca

this is the rose bush we bought you for mother's day.

through the eyes of luca

this is a weed growing by our play area.

through the eyes of luca

these are cool white flowers.
he is drawn to bright colored flowers, edibles to munch on, and weeds. i look forward to seeing how his interests evolve.  aren't the photos so great?  i love love love them!  and i think this will be a regular thing.  this kid has some talent!


Rebecca Sweet said...

I'm SO touched my little post inspired you both to have so much fun! And what a great photographer he is - his photos are beautiful! I think my favorites are the purple flower by the rocks, and the rose he gave you for mother's day. Very, very touching. Thanks for sharing this with me!

naskren said...

giving a kid a camera is so insightful into how they view their little world! and your boy definitely has talent.

nicole said...

great idea.

Elizabeth Johnson said...

I am so impressed! There are great.

Laura Wynn said...

Woah! Luca's got mad skills!
This is one of my favorite things to do with kids! so fun.

misskatiez said...

that is really cool ann--i did the same thing with my kids (my track kids that is) I gave them my camera with a fresh battery and empty 2gig card and told them to take pictures of the track meets :)

luca is a great photographer!

Chuck said...

This is a fantastic post! It is fun to see what Luca enjoys.

Amy said...

Holy cow! He's got a good eye. Thanks for sharing :)

inadvertent farmer said...

Oh my goodness what a good little photographer you have there! Seriously tell him he did a wonderful job!

I can't wait to see his photos in future posts...Kim

The author said...

He did a great job! It will be fun to see how his tastes change as he grows through pictures.

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