the tale of a garden fairy


once upon a time, a young garden fairy found a home in a yard of maples.  she danced and twirled and sang songs of mirth.  much laughter and sweetness surrounded this beautiful creature.  but as with most tales, there is a darker side to the story.  this sweet fairy was prone to mood swings of the most terrible kind.  she screamed and stomped her feet when things did not go her way.  she began to tear up papers and rip apart books when upset.  this behavior was most upsetting to the other residents of her land.  they explained to their fairy,
this will not do.  you must not act this way.  please use words when you are mad.  do not destroy and act out in anger.  we will not allow you to continue these antics.
but the young garden fairy would not listen.  she even became known for locking herself in bathrooms during these fits.  the elders became worried and knew the journey ahead would be difficult.  but the King supported their cause and they were confident the work was worthy of their efforts.

to be continued. . .


Amy said...

I like how you wrote this post, and at the same time am sorry your fairy is destroying things. I hope you are able to work through it as a family.

M. Clifford said...

You should turn this story/concept into a children's book!! I love the concept (although I feel bad you have to live through it), but maybe it could be used to help families all over that have children with similar temperaments. :) I love the whimsical way you wrote this post and you could definitely "illustrate" the book with all of your beautiful photos!!


Roxanne said...

love the fairy's dress though!! :)

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