six months new

six months new

it happened.

my teeny tiny cashew turned into an 18lb 4oz six month old new goo baby.  (with a tooth!)

tasty thumb

still loves his thumb

what do i see?

always on the lookout for what he can grab.  what does he see now?


flaco!  oh flaco, i have missed you!  i just love you so.  you are my favorite toy!  give me some love!

his favorite toy

lots o' flaco love.  i think maybe a bit much.

six months new

such a vocal baby - he often screams to make his voice heard over the luca-gia din.

six months new

melts my heart with this smile. (this is the least blurry photo i could capture of it though.)

six months new


nicole said...

sweetness. i love the letter on the photo. a great tribute.

Lora said...

what a beautiful boy!

Amy said...


Kelly said...

such a cutie x

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