potager chores

purple on red

today in the potager:
  • pick blueberries (and eat them all outside!)
  • rip out pea plants 
  • cage tomatoes (because i forgot earlier and they are sprawling. oops)
  • thin carrots (save seedlings for lunch)
  • bemoan the loss of the beans to squirrels (again!!!)
  • weed southeast and southwest beds
  • take basil cuttings
  • harvest swiss chard (for dinner maybe?)
  • check strawberries for final fruit - none, oh well
  • pull up the worst half of worm eaten cabbage and broccoli
  • sweat like crazy and be glad i didn't shower yet
  • realize how much i can done when enzo is napping
  • make mental list of all the things i still need to do


mental list for potager:
  • sow more beans
  • weed northeast and northwest beds
  • weed perimeter beds
  • turn compost pile
  • keep battling cabbage worms? or rip out final plants?  hmmm. . .
  • prune espaliered apple trees
  • prune or retrain grape vines (cause they are strangling the apples)
  • harvest rhubarb (and chop and freeze)
  • renovate strawberries
  • clean up empty pots, toys, netting, etc from gravel
  • realize i won't get to all of this anytime soon, but keep on keepin' on. . .


L + M said...

Wow, you seem to have quite the garden! I admit I am very jealous, especially of the fruit tree and blueberries. What kind of tree do you have? And how much space does it take? -M

andrea said...

I really love your Blog and look forward to it every day. You have a great sense of style.

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