newly listed: just married banner

just married banner

hey you bridesmaids and groomsmen!  do you need help decorating that getaway car for your soon-to-be-married friends?  order this custom banner from my shoppe and i can make it easy. 

seriously, how classic is this?  over the weekend, we spent time looking through old photos.  i came across a black & white of my grandparents wedding.  there is an excellent shot of the back of their car with a large "just married" sign on the rear window.  it was beautiful and inspiring.

so all of you summer brides should casually send a link for this banner to your besties.  they'll get the hint.

(it was fitting that jesse pulled up this evening with a cute company car.  wasn't sure how this would photograph on our minivan.)


Lora said...

great idea!! i'm sure you'll sell a lot of those!:)

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