i am so over cabbage worms

what a title to a post, right?

i am so over cabbage worms

well, these little suckers are just buggin' the heck out of me.  i think i might just give up on my cabbage and broccoli plants for good. they are being devoured.  i didn't even want to take a photo of the damage today because i was so frustrated.

at first it was like,
oh look, this guy is causing these little holes in the seedlings.  
and then it was like,
oh so there are more of them and the holes are getting bigger.  keep on squishing luca.
and then it was more like,
okay luca, you don't want to squish anymore.  jesse?  jesse?  come over here and squish these ridiculously annoying not even remotely funny guys. 
and now it is like,
jesse, they are taking over.  we squish them.  and they just come back week after week.  we can't win.  i can't squish them.  i can't.  i can't.  please don't make me.    

i can't do it.  i just feel all squeamish at the thought of it.  but my five year old has abandoned me and my husband is not home enough to take over. 

my mom gave me this great book when i was a girl about a cabbage moth that i just loved.  it had such pretty pictures.  now everytime i see the white wings fluttering i am torn between sweet nostalgia and stomp-my-foot irritation.

i am so over cabbage worms

damage to a cabbage plant as of two weeks ago.



wardhouse said...

We battle those critters as well; I wear gloves before I go asquishing. Last year we lost all the cabbage plants - this year I used dust. *shivers* just initially, only one application and that seemed to do it. next year I'm gonna use row covers to keep the moths off. *sighs*

L + M said...

That is exactly what my kohlrabi look like and I had no idea what it was. I guess it's almost time to harvest anyway.

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