how to make curtains with just a pair of scissors

houston, we have curtains! 2

step one:  buy fab fabric from your fave store

step two: cut needed length for panels

drapery clips

step three: attach to drapery clips

and voila!  you have curtains.

seriously, the much loved curtains you see in so many of my photos (examples seen here, here, and here) have no hems, no lining, no fuss.  mainly because when i put them up i was still scared of my sewing machine.  i wasn't sure how to sew a straight line.  that was only 18 months ago and boy, has a lot changed.  i think i may get to lining and hemming and such this winter, but then again, maybe not. 'cause they look pretty darn good this way too.  and that would take a lot of time. 

for the specifics, i measured the length from the rod to the floor, added length for the hems (just in case) and then tacked on an extra foot for puddling.  because puddling makes me happy.

no hem

the width is standard 44" quilting width, which, when using a pair of panels, fills out most windows nicely when closed.

houston, we have curtains! 4

just wondering, can i really call this a tutorial?


Farah said...

Just lovely. and very easy and practical... I love the colour of curtains.... its fabolous..

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Anew post is waiting for you.Love

Amy Van-Mod said...

Yes you can, you've inspired me :) . . now I will have to hold back on that inspiration until a year from now when (hopefully) we move into our own home.

L + M said...

I adore that fabric. Where did you get it?

Amanda@The Hand Me Down House said...

I love your new curtains! The color is just amazing! What an easy-peasy craft!

~april said...

love the color, the fabric and the idea! thanks!

Amanda said...

Beautiful!! That last picture should be in a magazine!! And yes, for a non sewer like me, that is definitely a tutorial!

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

i agree, the pictures alone are fantastic. LOVE the fabric you used. it always makes me to happy to see bold curtain fabric like this, and it really works in the space. plus, no sew? even better. :) awesome post!!

Stefanie said...

you are my inspiration to tackle curtains for my living room! i just busted out my mom's sewing machine in hopes fo learning to sew. i won't lie - its intimidating if you've never sewn before! love your green rock and i had to thank you for pushing me to get my curtains done! :)

Megan @ Megity's Handmade said...

Haha! I have a pair of curtains done just like this in my daughters room. Only, they are highwaters because a) I didn't remember the right measurements when I found the screaming deal and b)the furniture covers it up.
LOVE your fabric! LOVE!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

Looks like a tutorial to me, and a good one! Not everyone can be comfortable with sewing, so you've posted some great encouragement. And I LOVE LOVE that curtain fabric, it is gorgeous.

Hgraves1 said...

Where did you get your fabric? 

Waseem200846 said...

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Curtain said...

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Alex Smith said...

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