happy housiversary to us

happy housiversary to us

two years ago today, we became the proud owners of this amazing house.  can you tell how over the moon we were to finally move in after a long three months of living in boxes at a rental?  (well, i think we look more than a bit tired as well.) 

we have done so much life here already.  i am so thankful to call this place our home.  it is such a blessing.

happy housiversary to us

and oh my, tiny gia is just too much cuteness for me to handle. 


Lora said...

you truly do have an amazing house! it has so much character and charm. :)
and that's a great picture of you and your hubby! you're so pretty...

laura said...

Just wanted to tell you how much you inspire me. i love reading your blog, i particularly enjoy your beautiful garden, the bread you bake, your craftiness and watching you raise a family. Can't wait to have my own family one day....

inadvertent farmer said...

Shocking how fast 2 years go by...especially when we look back on our kids!

happy anniversary in your lovely home, Kim

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