goodbye tuesday

rainy day fort
have you ever sent your littles to bed without dinner?  i was this close to that this evening. 

there was a one hour argument about what to call raindrops on a windowpane.  gia says drips.  luca says guys.  i say it doesn't matter.  the phrase "you are wrong" has been banned in the house.

before that, we had some nice rainy day fort playing.  notice the clean floors?  thank you luca.  i "let" him sweep and mop.  and didn't even follow him to finish up what he missed.  go me!

the shoppe is doing well.  just busy enough.  i actually couldn't handle any more business than i have had.  i have made almost twenty sales in the first almost two months.  (and i sold my first wreath!!!)

tonight was our last meal with my dad before the move.  he leaves tomorrow night to pack up the truck in west chicago.  the big move is days away.  wow.

enzo is spitting up a lot.  i think i need to call the doctor, but he is eating and sleeping well.  and it doesn't seem to bother him.  my biggest problem is that i pretty much smell like sour milk and am spotted with pureed carrots all. the. time.  you don't have to hug me - i understand.

have i made much sense tonight?  probably not.  oh well.  something about drips and guys.  my brain is fried.


emily said...

YES, i have sent my child (only the oldest) to bed without dinner. once, i think. i can't even remember what it was all about now. but probably something similar to a what-to-call-raindrops fight. life with kids. :)

i'm glad your shoppe is doing well!

inadvertent farmer said...

There are just some days destined to be like, I must say the sour milk/carrots visual made me smile! Kim

Emilia said...

This post caught my eye and I am glad I stopped to read it. Also, with 2 kids and a baby, I have very little time to keep up with my own blog, let alone time to read other's blogs. But, I can totally relate to this post and it is good to know I'm not alone... right down to the sour milk and carrots!
I stumbled across your blog from your awesome kid's room on Ohdeedoh and your faith and creativity are an inspiration! Emilia from Italy

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