goodbye for reals now

goodbye for reals now

well, the house is empty and waiting for the new owners. 

my parents, youngest brother and grandma along with two dogs and four extra cats are spending the night at our place.  two large moving trucks, two trailers, a pick-up truck and two extra cars are parked outside.  arrival took place between 10 and 11pm.  i think we can say it has been a long day.

oh and the five year old was up until 11:30.  (the gia bee made it until 9:45pm.)  something about being excited that his grandparents have moved to town.

i think it is safe to say that tomorrow will be just as long. 

here is my last photo taken a few weeks ago at the old place.  my mom has a green thumb.

anybody want to help unpack tomorrow night and saturday?


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