farewell june

still here

still here.  in pain, but still here.  typing and pretty much all computer work makes me feel worse, so i am limiting my time on here.

ready for our upcoming long weekend staycation.  uber ready.

not so sure i am ready for july though.  how about you?

please pray for healing, perseverance, and patience.

miss you,


blueberrymoon said...

I am praying...
Get better.

Melissa said...

Hi...I just want to say that I really like reading your blog. Your family is beautiful, and your home is so cute! :) I recently came across your old post about your miscarriage, and two days later, I lost a baby at 7 weeks. I had nobody to lean on, and thinking of your experience really gave me a lift, knowing that I was not alone in experiencing something so sad. I admire your ability to be so in touch with your feelings, and honest in your writing. SO, thank you. I truly hope you are feeling better soon. You will be in my thoughts.

Oh, and by the way...I am from St. Charles, IL! I had friends in West Chicago when I was growing up...small world. :)

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