excellently behind

i am behind on life.  housework, returning calls and e-mails, bible study, craft projects, editing photos, blogging.

my natural tendency is to retreat at times like this. i want to just ignore everything, which makes me get farther behind.  oh the annoying tie of perfectionism and procrastination. 

but i can not be superwoman.  i need to get more sleep.  the pain from fibro is increasing each day and if i want to keep making it up and down the stairs, i will go to sleep soon and stay behind.  no way am i going to show you photos of my kitchen.  or bathrooms.  or living areas.  or backyard. 

what i did get accomplished today?  i bathed and clothed my children, changed more than a few diapers, put on new bedsheets for the kiddos, did a load of laundry, made baby food, fed everyone (leftovers!), read a book (for fun), played and read with my littles, watched enzo practice his crawling, and put away a few things from the baby shower i helped throw yesterday.  that's pretty good.  tomorrow might be better.  or maybe i will do even less.  but my goal is not perfection, but excellence.  and excellence looks different for each of us.  so i will try to be excellently behind.

but, seriously, does anyone want to come over and fold my laundry?  i think it might be breeding.


kirstin & jordan said...

I hear you! Doesn't it feel like life just piles up and piles up and then, somehow, everything is not done all at once?
I'd love to come fold your laundry (one of my favorite chores)- too bad you don't live closer! :)
Stay behind- get sleep- be excellent. Maybe I'll join you...

inadvertent farmer said...

You are a wise woman to realize that perfection and excellence are not one in the same.

Take care of your health because without that nothing at all will get done...and if you lived closer I would absolutely fold your laundry. I'd trade it for camel babysitting! Kim

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