congrats baby brother

he grew up

my not-so-little brother christian graduated high school today.

my not-so-little brother who started kindergarten the same day i went to my first class at the university.

my not-so-little brother who was the ring bearer at our wedding.

my not-so-little brother who stands taller than the rest of us.

my not-so-little brother who will always be my baby brother because i remember the countless hours of carrying him around as a wee one.

we are so proud of you chris!  and we are super excited for you to move down to champaign and begin the next chapter of life so close to us.

this is one of my all-time favorite photos of the two of us.  as we were not able to attend the ceremony today back in west chicago, i thought i would share this sweet shot.  gosh, you were so cute.

(and since i don't have a scanner and i got married way back when wedding photographers used actual film, this is a photo of a photo.  not too shabby if you ask me.)


Sabrina Hlavaty said...

This is such a great picture! I have one just like it of my little brother and I at my wedding (we're 11 years apart)

You're such a gorgeous bride! I thought it was a picture of a model from a magazine!

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