berry feasting

berry feasting

the last two weeks have been all about the strawberries at casa hart.  we eat them every day.  i know, right?  we have two varieties - one larger, sweeter, perfect for popping into your mouth.  the other is smaller, a bit more tart, still plenty good for snacking, but also delicious when simmered into a lovely deep red sauce for drizzling over vanilla ice cream.

they are just wonderful. 

berry stained teeth

lovin' the berry stained teeth

the (berry) princess and the pea

the (berry) princess and the pea

whole lot o' berry goodness

our total harvest has been close to 6 pounds and we have a week or so to pick the final goods.  that's a whole lot o' berry goodness.

with this kind of sweet treat waiting to be savored, destination backyard is coming along quite nicely.  check out the inadvertant farmer for more kinderGARDENS fun.


inadvertent farmer said...

Oh you are making me so hungry! Our's are just now coming own and we are having to wage a battle to the death with the slugs to get any, ughh

Your photos this week are simply stunning...seriously cool! Kim

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