if you head down into our basement and see a grey plastic bin on a shelf near the bottom of the stairs, you might not want to open it.

i wouldn't.

i don't.

i can't. 

i just really can not.


because that bin is full of worms.  and as far as i have come in the whole creepy crawly wiggly department, i have only come so far.  and that degree of far-ness has not brought me to opening a bin full of worms.  (even if they are mine.)  that's what jesses are for.  and littles.


here we they are harvesting our vermicompost earlier this month.  we have been adding it to the garden where needed to provide an extra kick of nutrients to our veggies, fruits, herbs and flowers.


and i am so glad that we are raising three kiddos who will be able to harvest their own vermicompost.  because when they grow up and leave, i am keeping jesse.  (but they do have a plan to build a house in the front yard to be close, so i guess they can borrow him when needed.)

a bit late, but i am linking up to this week's kinderGARDENS party over at the inadvertent farmer.  check out all the great ideas and progress!


inadvertent farmer said...

ROFL...I just can picture you walking down the basement stairs and shuddering as you think of what is in that bin!

Great post...you kids are so lucky to have a mom that even though she doesn't like creepy crawlies but lets them play with them anyway! Kim

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