this week at casa hart

blogging might be light for the rest of the week cause some major things are going down 'round these parts.  thursday morning will be the start of hart family boot camp.  jesse will be staying home from work and we will take four days for intensive training of the littles and to institute a few changes around the house.  sound weird?  well, we are a bit desperate.  i have been having a super tough time with my reactions to the way things are running at casa hart and it is not an exaggeration to say i am losing my mind.  all of us have had bad attitudes and need a heart check.  a regular weekend just doesn't give us enough time.  so we are dedicating thursday-sunday to this urgent and important business.

i am simultaneously nervous and excited.  as a friend put it last night, there is a potential minefield ahead of us.  i responded,
every day feels like walking through a minefield, so how much worse can this be?
when i do get a free moment, i will be working on shoppe items for monday's update.  sooo, i'll try to peek my head in here now and then to say hi, k?  allright. . . pray for our week!



nicole said...

God be with you.

Sonya said...

holy cow good luck with that!

Bobbi Lee said...

Hey - Just thinking about you - hoping your days 'off' are going well. Waiting patiently for more updates on casa da hart.. :)

love to ya'll..

Peeper said...

Wondering how the weekend is going? Best thoughts to you :-)

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