tee shirt frenzy

we gifted a few more appliqued tees in the last week. thought i would share some new designs.

dino tee

dino tee

shark tee

shark tee

guitar tee

guitar tee

don't i have seriously the most handsome model?  he is a heartthrob. 

the guitar is my favorite.  who woulda guessed it?  i think jesse needs to serenade me this week.  that is the best.

i have two more tees to finish in the next couple days for a super late birthday present.  these are really so fun to make.  the best part about homemade gifts?  as my hands create something beautiful, my heart prays for the recipient.  i am thankful to be blessed with skills that provide those opportunities.

if i don't make it back here tonight as desired, come back tomorrow for my very first "real" product review.

oh and welcome back i-life honduras 2010 team!


nicole said...

i like the guitar the best too. you are inspiring. you accomplish so much with 3 young kids.

Jill said...

How do I get my hands on one of those tees?? Do you sell on etsy?

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