spring crops and weeding (potager update part three)

the last weekend of april, we were faced with a scary task.  weed the garden.  dun dun dun!  don't ask me why i kept putting it off.  oh wait. . . yea, ask me! ask me!  i have a good answer.  it starts with an e and rhymes with benzo.  yeah, it turns out having a four month old and finding time for weeding don't really mesh that well in my life.  not that it wouldn't for you.  it just was super duper tiring for me.  sooooo, i put it off until i couldn't any longer (and jesse was home).  he ended up doing the majority of it, but i probably pulled a good 30%.  and when i wasn't i was feeding and tending to the goo.  

i didn't get any pre-weeding photos (didn't want to lose any momentum, but i would have shared them with y'all).  i did, however, snap a few shots at the end before we called it quits for the day. 

view from under the arbor

this is the view at the gate from under the arbor. notice our baby seedling protection?  my neighbor clued me into this method last year.  i'll have to take a close up photo later and show you why it is genius.

crazy large rhubarb

crazy large rhubarb.  anybody want some?  seriously.  i think we need to thin this bed out a bit.  just let me know. . .

new rosemary

our new rosemary bought at the horticulture show the weekend before.  last year's did not survive the winter on the windowsill.

asparagus ferns

whoa, tall asparagus alert.  only two more years before we can eat them.

spinach and onion rows

yay for spinach and onions!  remember when we sowed these in march?

protecting the garlic

our bouncers have taken up protection duty.

protecting the strawberries

the squirrels better not mess with these gnomes.

strawberries (and toes)

hello strawberries (and toes.)  there are so many blossoms.  gia is in charge of them, but we need to remind her not to pick the pretty flowers. :)

allright folks, we are almost caught up on the hart potager spring 2010 progress.  um, i think that is a bit too wordy.  so what.  my blog.

we did planting today and will be out again tomorrow to finish up.   i will show you what we were up to later.  also, i am joining the kinder gardens contest over at the inadvertant farmer and will have an extra special post linking up to it soon.

fun stuff, right?  i just wonder. . .will i ever have clean fingernails again?


Noah said...

I noticed on your profile that you are a fan of Ted Dekker! I am hosting a Christian book giveaway on my blog, http://noahsreads.blogspot.com/2010/05/giveaway.html, once I have 30 followers, and I will host a second one if I reach 60! If you are interested, feel free to check it out!

Heather said...

I love your little bouncers :) … I need to get my gardens ready for the year. I have fallen way behind this year, but my hubby and *plan* on getting it done this week. I am in the deep south so we are are super behind this year. Oh well. My reason starts with la and ends with zy … :) …. your garden is lovely :)

Sue said...

I do not see how in the world you do all you do! The third child pushed me over an edge I haven't yet crawled back to yet! And to now feel well a lot of the time too? You are amazing! And your garden looks gorgeous.

inadvertent farmer said...

May I just say...I HATE weeding, such a pointless task. I am trying my darndest this year to stay ahead of the thistles and blackberries with mulch...we will see.

Your potager is just lovely, but I think I've probably already told you that, lol! Kim

Stephanie said...

um, yes i will take some rhubarb if you want to give me some! that is something i have never grown.

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