simple things sunday


well here is the evidence that the last month of training has paid off.  this boy might not be ready for a marathon, but he can now roll over on to his belly from his back.  go enzo!  very early this morning he began fussing and jesse found him in this position.  and this afternoon, i peeked in to see this.  why did i peek in?  because my goo had been quiet for almost two hours.  for the second time today.  it was ah-mazing!  he hasn't napped longer than 45 minutes for weeks and most days it was more 20-30 minutes.  and to be honest, i was going a bit batty.  and by batty, i mean pulling out my hair and wanting to scream.  because with two other littles in my charge, 45 minutes is a blink of an eye. and 20-30 minutes?  maybe i eat lunch two hours late.

when 8pm rolled around tonight, i realized i did not feel zapped.  simply having a few extra moments in my day to think - to process - made such a difference.  that a nap could be so phenomenal.  and it wasn't just good for me.  my sweet baby was happier and more alert this evening.  

i am so thankful for today.  i am not expecting this to be our new norm.  i am just relishing today.  my prayer is that i could feel the same even on the not so great napping days.  that i wouldn't just survive them.  that i would look to my unending supply of strength.

i can do all things through him who strengthens me.
 philippians 4:13


Heather said...

WHat a blessing for you … praying that you don't just survive not so great days and that you would look to your supply of unending strength …. I needed to read that this morning :)

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