shoppe update may 17th

shoppe sneak peak

one week from today i will be making a major update to the shoppe and i gotta tell ya - it is going to be fantastic!  the last few weeks of work has been such a learning experience for me.  i feel very in touch with the artist inside and get such pleasure from making things to share with others.  thank you for all of the support!  you guys are the best!

shoppe sneak peak

i thought i would share a sneak peak of some of the items that will be for sale.  i see this update as the for-real launch of my handcrafted goods.  these are the things i have been dreaming up and planning for since i made the decision to go forth.  i hope you check back next monday!

shoppe sneak peak

ps: i will have a giveaway to celebrate!

pps: all previous giveaway winnings will be shipped out by wednesday!  ya know, in case you were wondering.


nicole said...

looks like some swell goods. bravo

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