i have been in this habit lately of responding to jesse with an uber sarcastic
and today i just want to give life one big really?

it was one of those days.  cranky kiddos, fussy babe, achey neck and shoulder, and no motivation whatsoever to get anything done.  housework, blogging, craftiness. . . parenting.  i felt like being selfish and nursing my pain and reading a book.  yada yada yada.  anyways. . .
i need to snap out of it.  i am working through a great bible study.  i think i need to check back in on the very good stuff i am learning. 

and then i look at this photo and think really?


taken one month ago?  allready?  really?  time is passing much too quickly. 

boot camp recap tomorrow?  i'll try.


Captivated said...

annalea-i hear you! the sarcastic "really?" is a sign of a that discontented heart rising up in me. thanks for being so raw on here and sharing your heart:) praying for you guys...

Peeper said...

I've been giving life a big, fat sarcastic "Really?" for a solid 2 weeks now. Sucks. I keep humming "Three Little Birds" to myself and I am slowly becoming convinced that Bob Marley was right - every little thing is gonna be alright!

Hope it passes for you soon!!

CBear said...

i say "really? are you kidding me?" to my kids all the time. they are 2 and 3 - they usually respond with a smile and keep doing whatever it was that made me say it in the first place...


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