mama's day

mama's day

good morning!!!  i fell asleep super early last night (for me) - i feel like a new person this morning! - and forgot to publish this yesterday.  so here are my belated wishes for a happy mama's day!

these littles (and their pretty awesome papi) brought me breakfast in bed.  it was all yumminess - stuffed french toast, fresh berries, orange juice, and hot chai.  this girl was spoiled.  i feel very blessed.

i took no other photos of us later in the day - mostly because i didn't shower and we played it low key.  oh well.  i would have liked something with me and the kiddos, but i was more in need of a good day off.  we did make a trip to the library (they were giving away a free book for each mom) and to the garden center at prairie gardens.  my gift was a climbing rose for the potager!  its going to be gorgeous.

luca also made me a very pretty beaded necklace and i rocked it with my unwashed, low-key comfy outfit.  he was oh-so-proud. :)

did you mamas spend the day with the family or did you take some time to yourself?  each year is a bit different for me.  i love the togetherness, but sometimes i need to be alone and recharge.  yesterday was a mix, but heavy on the me-time.

i'll be back later today with a shoppe announcement and maybe a bit more - we'll see. . .



Peeper said...

Glad you had a good mothers day!

I got the best gift of all: time. I had to work but I went home early to spend time with Tim & Ada. We went for a walk, got a special bottle of wine, and had a nice evening. I should be getting a necklace in the mail soon too ;-)

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