go vote for the awesomest

amanda at i am mommy is hosting her second annual awesomest blog awards.  i find her hilarious.  plus she bakes really fun stuff too.

guess what?  i have been nominated in the awesomest overall blog category.  funny, right?  i think last year pioneer woman and mckmama were the top two vote getters.  ha!  not quite up to that blogging level am i? and no real plan to be either.  i haven't seen who the other nominees for this year are, but let's go check them out today and vote.

(jesse actually nominated me when i was visiting her blog friday.  something like me mentioning the awards and he saying, "i should nominate you," and then me saying, "yeah, sure."  and the rest is history.  but you know what?  he does think i am the awesomest.) 

it would be very nice if you voted.



Valerie said...

I voted. And I think your blog is the awesomest. ;)

Peeper said...

Voted for you! I love your blog! And your creativity, littles, garden (the rhubarb in your last post made my eyes pop! I don't know if it will ship to CA though!)

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