earth simplista mary janes

earth simplista mary janes

ever heard of negative heel technology? neither had i until a free pair of these earth simplista mary janes arrived on my doorstep from a sponsor of the lovely ladies at chambanamoms.comas part of a special promotion, i will be writing a series of shoe reviews with other local bloggers and mamas.

when i first opened the box, i was worried about the clunk factor. they are not the daintiest of shoes, but the design is still sleek - lovin' the pleated toe - and they look less clunky when paired with a cute pair of jeans.

now back to that negative heel technology. basically, the toes are raised higher than the heels to help strengthen and tone your body. this took a few days for my feet to get used to. it was just weird to have my feet angled like that. but i gradually have come to love the way these feel. my ankles, knees and back hurt less after wearing. and who doesn't like a little extra toning?

my biggest complaint about this shoe is the heel rubbing. man, I hate blisters. i was sporting one on each heel after the first wearing. granted i wore these without socks, because i prefer the look and feel with the warmer temps. there were no problems when i wore socks, however, so these will be more of a cool weather choice.

with fibromyalgia, i have to super careful of what I put on my feet. i will continue to wear these shoes with hopes of less pain. (i even have my eye on some earth sandals. i think they would be great for summer - thinkin' of long days at the zoo or in museums.


Danielle said...

I LOVE Earth shoes! They have significantly helped the tendonitis I experience in the balls of my feet.

I wore them every summer I waitressed in Colorado (black mary janes, no less)! They were the only thing that got me through 8 hours on my feet. That, and an intravenous supply of mochas. :)

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