care package

care package

yesterday i woke up with the flu or some kind of bug.  the all-body achiness just knocked me out of commission.  jesse was a rockstar and took care of all of us.  but we had to miss the last combined home fellowship time of the school year last night which was super disappointing.  

things are definitely better today - just nauseated and coughing - but i have a feeling my carefully constructed fantasy of getting things done today will come crashing down soon.  so probably no yummy cinco de mayo meal.

i had a long list of projects to work on this week - gifts for mother's day & six birthdays, a little something for myself and new shoppe stuff - but after losing a day (and maybe more) i think i need to rethink all that.  we'll see.  on our way home from the post office this morning, the littles and i ran in to hobby lobby for a couple supplies (just in case).  i see it as pulling together a little care package.  these make me feel better.


Peeper said...

Boo virus!!

YAY for having a man who's a good egg!

YAY for care packages addressed to yourself!!

Hope you feel better soon :-)

inadvertent farmer said...

Hope you are feeling better...nothing worse than mama being sick! Kim

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