may 2010 edition

brothers (may '10)

brothers (may '10)

brothers (may '10)

brothers (may '10)

at the very moment i took this last photo, luca asked,
how'd God got made? because i keep thinking about that.
seriously, having a five year old is so awesome.  i get to answer questions like that?  what a crazy cool job description.

i love enzo's expression here - totally intrigued and enraptured by his big brother.  he was listening so closely to our voices have this amazing discussion.  and he even tried to drool all over my bible when we opened it up.

i just want to grab on to these little ones and hold on tight to this time in their lives.  each day is so precious.


misskatiez said...

too cool...those pics are once in a lifetime shots

Heather said...

These pics are great … they make me smile :)

Kelly said...

such lovely lovely photos

Amanda said...

Those pictures are pretty stunning. Awesome job!!

inadvertent farmer said...

Sweet beyond compare! Kim

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