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. . . I had a fibro-based question. I've done some research, but wondered if you've heard from doctors or not, is fibro genetic? Can it be passed to children because a parent has fibro?

Bobbi Lee

this is a pretty common question.  i don't have any information that is not readily available. what i know i that fibromyalgia tends to run in families, but, from what i understand, no concrete genetic links have been found. 

personally, nobody in my family has ever been diagnosed with it.  the idea of my kiddos suffering from this condition scares me.  living with fibro is one of the most difficult things i have ever experienced.  but it has also brought about the most positive change in my life.  it has stretched me in my walk with God and forced me to deal with some major character flaws.  my prayer is that i (and they) will trust in His strength, regardless of the trials ahead.

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Bobbi Lee said...

Thanks Annalea! And thanks for sharing your Hart so openly.. you inspire me.

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