week redeemed

yesterday i woke up with a deep desire to redeem our week from the maddest and the saddest day before.  i decided to go on my first solo adventure with all three littles.  this was a pretty big deal to me.  with fibro, it can be scary having the kiddos out on my own.  was i nutty for following a crazy wednesday with an adventure filled thursday?  maybe.  but i knew we needed a change of venue.  

my friend stephanie wrote about her trip to the tea garden earlier this week.  it planted a little seed of an idea which grew into this outing.

so, come take a walk with us. . .  

off to find japan house

looking for japan house

raining petals on their heads

pink petals were fluttering down on our heads from this tree.  it was storybook-like.

in the tea garden

the tea garden

in the tea garden

hopping from stone to stone

hello toes

hello toes.

japan house path

the winding path.  luca was looking for a good picnic spot.  it did not qualify if we could see cars.  we needed "alone time." :)

dandelion observations

dandelion observations

barefoot in the grass

barefoot in the grass

loves that thumb

loves that thumb

my three little harts

my three little harts

we ate a yummy picnic outside the arboretum and relaxed in the freakishly warm 80 degree april weather.  at the end of the trip, luca remarked
we didn't even fuss at all today!
he was right!  we had such a sweet time. 

i highly recommend a visit to the tea garden and neighboring arboretum.  quick practical note - bring change for the parking meters!

i want to say thank you so much for all of the wonderfully encouraging comments on that post from wednesday night.  i felt loved by y'all


My Mercurial Nature said...

wonderful pictures! I'm a new follower and spending some time reading through your blog (love those spring pillows).

Kelly said...

what little cuties your little ones are, looks like it was a lovely day! x

Amy said...


Hey this is a very random question and doesn't really fit with the post, but I've been looking for some good fabric for some projects. I remember you mentioning ordering some online awhile back and was wondering if you had suggestions for sites. I'm sure I could google it but sometimes it's nice to have someone's recommendations to narrow down the search :)


Peeper said...

So glad you had a good day with the wee ones. Kinda wipes the slate clean.

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