to do lists

can't quite vouch for the coherency of this post.  i am using up all of my mental ability before i hit the computer at night i guess.  :)

still recovering from yesterday's business of selling and buying houses, today was a great day of rainy skies and cool air.  great excuse to stay in the house and regroup.  does life ever slow down?  i feel the biggest change since having a third child is how much quicker time passes.  how much less i get done in the same amount of time.  granted i have added things to our daily routine that i never even attempted when i only had one little.  (and i am pretty sure i felt overwhelmed at that point too.)

most of my to-do list this week still remains.  yep. lots of things undone.  (some major weeding needs to be happening very very soon though) sometime on wednesday morning i realized this was going to be the case.  so luca, gia and i decided to write up a new list.  a FUN one. what would we like to work on?  we brainstormed on the kitchen/basement door.

fun to-do list

we only crossed off one item on this list as well, but we will keep at it over the next week or so.  (yes, the chore chart was luca's idea - he really wants to earn some stickers!)

this little guy ended up being the highest priority.  he's cute, right?

little yoda friend

luca came to me earlier this week and said,

mama, i am not really into monkeys that much.  i am getting into yoda now.  

saw that one coming. :)

allright, goodnight for now dear readers.  i had plans for a big announcement - i am soooo excited - but i'll leave you in suspense until tomorrow since it deserves a well-functioning mind.  xoxo, annalea


Kelly said...

i love the little Yoda, (so would my little man!) & the fun list is a great idea, think i might have to give that one go,

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