right now

the taste of rye lingers in my mouth.  one last bite of my first ever loaf.

baby boy is sleeping in the mei-tei.  my shirt is plastered to my back with his drool.

my bigger baby boy is playing at a friend's house - surely enjoying the oh so warm weather that is not an april fools joke.

my sweet girl is playing dragons outside with her grandpa.

my dishwasher is finally loaded and the kitchen is clean-ish (just don't look at the floor).

diapers are washing and who knows how many more loads are waiting for their turn.

to-do list items are being checked off. but more importantly, the to-do list is getting pared down.  (so i can stay sane.)

praying for round two of dental work this afternoon.

the neighborhood woodpecker is hammering away somewhere nearby.

the basil has sprouted.  my little seedlings are fragile and beautiful.

legos litter the floor upstairs.  but many intricate structures were built and the fall out makes me smile.

so many e-mails wait for replies in my inbox.

the warm breeze blows dust bunnies around the house.

i am thanking God for jesse and his wise counsel and leadership.

just trying to keep perspective on the right now. . .


Rebecca said...

I'm of course reading into your post...is there something going on with the future I don't know about? Dis-moi!

Peeper said...

Glad you got to make the rye you were so looking forward to! How was it?
Good luck with round #2 at the dentist. I have to go to the dentist in a few weeks. Blech :(

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