potting up the seedlings (potager update part two)

(i am about a month and a half behind on potager posts.  in order to have things make sense in the future, i am going to play catch up in the next few days.  basically, you will be inundated with all things garden if you choose to visit our blog this weekend.  go here for past updates.)

so our seeds germinated and began their plant infancy.  these guys grow super fast.  pretty fun to watch the changes day by day.  once the second set of leaves (or first set of true leaves) began to develop, we potted up the seedlings. 

potting up

luca picked out a few plants to be in charge of for this year.  bell peppers made the list. 

potting up

we saved plastic pots from previous years' purchases  and sterilized them with a 1:10 bleach and warm water solution).  these will be nice and roomy for the root growth.

potting up

look at how tiny it is?  in just three months, we will be picking big ol' bell peppers from this plant.  crazy.  still awestruck by the whole process.

potting up

he had such a tender touch. but the camera didn't pick up his green thumbs.

potting helper

and the work is always more fun with a little helper watching and cooing you on. 

after repotting, we watered them with a fish emulsion fertilizer and let them sun outside since the days were so warm that week.

you know what is so great? doing this with our kiddos.  i love that we get to learn new skills and share new experiences together.


Michelle said...

Where do you buy this "fish emulsion fertilizer?" We are curious to try this out...

My Mercurial Nature said...

Bell peppers, huh? We've never tried to grow them (last year we had quite the garden...but no peppers)...how big do they get?

annalea said...

michelle: i think we found it at lowes, but i am pretty sure most stores like that with a garden center will carry it near the fertilizers.

my mercurial nature: last year the bell peppers were about 1.5-2 inches wide and 3-4 inches long, but they will get bigger if you leave them on the plant longer. we just didn't want to wait :)

Kim said...

I'm just curious as to why you need to sterilize the pots. Maybe that's a dumb question but I'm "green" on the gardening thing.
It's awesome!

inadvertent farmer said...

Great post...I to wonder at how something can go from a tiny seed to my salad plate in such a short time. Ok your little one is just too adorable...look at all that hair! Mine were always so blond they looked bald for the longest time! Great, great job involving the kiddos...Kim

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