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wisteria dappled light

i can't seem to wrap my mind around a fully thought-out post lately.  my days have not been running very smoothly this week and i think i am burned out by the end of the day 3pm.  here is a bit of what is on my mind without having to be terribly coherent.

  • finally watched the blind side tonight.  it was seriously so good.  i pretty much cried from the beginning to the end.  only problem is that it gave me a bit of a headache.  that is what happens when i watch emotional movies  which is why i usually avoid them.
  • why are baby colds so miserable?  i feel so sad for enzo.  but to be honest, i usually feel worse for myself. all of that crying wears me out.  i have been coming to terms (yet again) with how selfish i can be.
  • today was ridiculously windy.  i liked staring up at the skylights watching the maple seed helicopters fly above and listen to them hit the glass.  it was very soothing.  (if i tuned out the crying baby next to me.)  now who is going to vacuum all of those up before they become a million little weeds?  last year i paid luca a penny for every one he pulled.
  • our berry bushes arrived today!!!  so when our crazy awesome friends are running the full and half marathon this saturday, we will be planting 6 more blueberry bushes and 15 raspberry bushes.  if only we could reap the harvest this year.  it will be hard to resist.
  • i neglected to prune back the wisteria this year before it leafed out.  it is crazy bushy and the branches were dancing today.  the above photo is from the walkway next to the backdoor. the dappled light is oh so pretty.
  • a proper potager post will be published in the next 24 48 hours!  i really need to get on that. i have lots of great photos from the past few weeks waiting to be shared. 
  • any great suggestions for training children on bossiness?  luca is having a tough time with wanting to "help" his little sister (who is having a tough time "being a big girl").  i really want to walk through this issue well now.
  • tomorrow will be "clean up the yard and see what survived the wind" day.  i hope this pretty one below made it.  
hi pretty one

wow, that was way more coherent than i expected.  still, off to bed for me. . . goodnight!!


nicole said...

moments ago we finished watching "the blind side"...wow, what a great movie and story. I cried too.

inadvertent farmer said...

My 3 year old all day long is yelling 'you so bossy, go way, weave me wone"

We seem to be having the same bossiness issues over here too.

I'm so excited that you are joining in the gardening fun...I can't wait to see what creative ideas you come up with!


Heather said...

I came across your blog a few weeks ago and have been reading it every day. I enjoy it … thank you :)

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