now and later

a little summary of things at casa hart. . .
  • gia's allergies are horrible this spring.  red, itchy eyes, runny nose, and drowsiness. she walks around the house saying, "i'm just so tiwerd mama.  i just want to sleep."  tonight before bed, " i'm going to sleep to-ever."
  • every single room in the house needs cleaning.  there is not one clean space.  it is driving me i.n.s.a.n.e.
  • i have made two sales in the shoppe! the last two mornings, i woke up to the orders in my inbox and it was a very nice start to the days.  very very nice.  thank you!!!
  • i have such bad fibro pain right now.  woke up unable to walk last night.  ugggh.  can i please have my knees and ankles back?
  • enzo spit up on FOUR people at home fellowship tonight.  yep.  it's just because he loves you heather, jen and darren.  (oh, the fourth was me.  so does that count?  because he spit up on me probably SEVEN times today.)
  • luca and i fought a lot today.  on a day like this one i am reminded that we are a lot alike.
  • luca and gia fought a lot today.  on a day like this one i want to shut them in their room with a locked door.
  • jesse looks really cute with his new haircut.  random i know, but it is true.
  • my sister in law sent me a super fun gift in the mail yesterday.  i'll show you later.
  •  we will not be going to the library tomorrow because we ran out of clean clothes.  does that ever happen to you?  or am i just that much of a laundry slacker.
  • we had a great discussion on stewardship tonight at home fellowship.  maybe i will share my thoughts on it later.
  • i am starting to stress about all of the things i want to show and share "later" on the blog.  maybe i need to plan a marathon blogging session soon?  eh, i'll think about it later.


Erin said...

I adore your blog. I love those word banners that you make. now following****

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