max hearts dolphins

max hearts dolphins

my house is so peaceful minus one child.  nice but i only can handle the quiet for a little while me thinks.  otherwise something feels off.  :)

luca is at an under the sea themed birthday party right now and i need a bit of a break from carrying enzo in the moby for the walk there and back.  thought i would share the t-shirt we whipped up this afternoon for max's shindig.  i asked his mom a week or so ago what would we be the preferred applique.  the answer: a dolphin! fun.  i could picture the wavy blue stitching almost immediately.

max hearts dolphins

if you haven't yet, go see our pug and robot tees given as previous gifts.  oh and luca's five shirt.

if i made these for the shoppe, what designs would you like to see?


amy said...

What a great shirt. I love the colors, and I also love dolphins. :o)

I think you should put all of them in the shoppe!

liz stanley said...

love these!

Kelley said...

What a great shirt... I like how organic it feels... you feel the ocean moving... great job!

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