indoor seed starting (potager update part one)

(i am about a month and a half behind on potager posts.  in order to have things make sense in the future, i am going to play catch up in the next few days.  basically, you will be inundated with all things garden if you choose to visit our blog this weekend.  go here for past updates.)

seed starting (3/10)

does the idea of starting plants from seed make you nervous?  that was me last year.  yep, i had never before (outside of elementary school science projects) planted a seed that actually grew into something and thrived.  guess what?  it turned out okay.  more than okay actually.  pretty great to be honest.  so this being round two, i was so over that fear.  ha!  not quite, but i do much better with some hands on experience and this year is more fun, less nerves.  at the end of march, we had our first indoor seed sowing session.

gia plants zinnias (3/10)

here's a chubby little gia hand helping with the zinnia seeds.  luca and i worked on veggies, while the princessa was all about the flowers.  we put lots of extra seeds in each pot because all of them were from last year and i wasn't sure of their germination rates. 

so what did we start from seed this year?
  • tomatoes (roma, supersweet 100, brandywine, chocolate cherry)
  • tomatillos
  • peppers (california bell, anaheim, poblano, banana, serrano, jalapeno)
  • cabbage
  • celery
  • broccoli
  • basil
  • parsley
  • thyme
  • lavender
  • zinnias (button and giant)
  • marigold (mix)
i totally forgot my cucumbers, squash, and remaining herbs in the month that never was (aka april at casa hart because seriously what happened to the last four weeks?).  i might throw some seeds in pots this weekend and ask them to germinate and grow quick. otherwise we will just buy plants.

and we also set up a nifty new shelving unit in the basement with hanging lights and such.  pretty cool if i do say.  i'll try to get some photos of it later today.

time to boogie. . .see you soon with more garden goodies!



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