he giveth and giveth and giveth again

i am coming off a crummy morning, after a crummy day yesterday and a fairly crummy night before that.  the last hour has been amazingly different.  it may just be a brief rest in the whirlwind of fibromyalgia flare-ups and overly emotional and tired young children (& mama) or it may be we are slowly climbing out of the pit of yuckiness.  either way i am grateful. 

this seemed like an excellent time to share a poem we came across last week.  after listening to a ravi zacharias teaching that referenced it, jesse e-mailed me a link to these words.  annie's story is one of true inspiration.  i have been poring over her work since then.

i took a moment over the weekend to write out this poem and add it to my inspiration board.  looking up this morning, i felt such a softening of my heart as i read the words.  thank God for giving this woman such strength and conviction and wisdom. 

he giveth and giveth and giveth again


George's Mum said...

that's a really beautoful poem. I hope things continue to brighten for you today x x x

George's Mum said...

George has put jelly in my keyboard and it's making my spelling attrocious when the keys get stuck- sorry!! xx

kirstin & jordan said...

hello there! thanks for linking to some of your sweet creations- we'd love to have you each friday!
I came over to say hi and got lost in your blog... I love your blog! I love your handmade creations for your house, your emphasis on delighting your family, and especially your budget-friendly ideas. I think you and I would be friends if we met in real life! :)
it's so fun to *meet* you over the internet...
kirstin @ kojo
ps- I LOVE your song of songs banner... I will absolutely be making one of those for my hubs! I might even use the same words- hope you don't mind. :)

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