five months new

today marks five months of life for our goo. lorenzo is such a joy.  he squeals when excited.  he mauls us with open mouth kisses.  he is super duper ticklish, especially around the neck.  he has almost outgrown the infant carseat and tips the scale near 17 pounds.  he doesn't take real naps, just tiny cat naps.  but he sleeps 12ish hours a night.  he rolls from tummy to back and is trying oh so hard to make it the other way.  our baby boy is still so new.  so fresh and untouched.  i can't get enough of him.

yesterday the boy had his first taste of rice cereal.

what's this?

hmmmm, what's this?

hand-y helper

not quite sure what to do with the cereal in his mouth, he popped in his thumb to help suck it all down.   pretty smart, if i do say.

holding on for dear life

holding on for dear life.  
mama, you better give me that spoon.

eating is exhausting

eating is exhausting

today's feeding also ended in a little highchair nap.  too funny.


Kelly said...

ahh, what a sweetie

audrey said...

the last photo is too cute!

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