first set of banners

they're here!  the first half of your lovely banners are made, photographed, and about to be packaged.  it was fun working on them - spending time wondering about their future homes and praying for those who will be encouraged and feel loved by the words.  thank you for giving me a chance to make these for y'all!

here are the first ten banners which will be shipped out later this week.

be still and knowadelaide meriwether
stay cute
love and joy
kiss me goodnight
buon giorno principessa
sit sew smile
the fun room
play nice

(i have not received e-mails for all of the shipping addresses.  please let me know so i can send off your banner. if not, i'll start to track you down soon.)


Ann Boyd said...

They are gorgeous! Mine is "The Fun Room" and I love it. My husband does too. Thanks so much for making it!

I think you have my address (I'm the same one who won the Pride & Prejudice applique), but let me know if you need it.


Peeper said...

Sweet sweet sweet!!!!! I am so excited :) I think the SPCA mother ship tried to kill me today. This totally makes it better!! Bah - I can hardly wait!

annieglan said...

They are beautiful!! I am so excited.

puddlegirl said...

Yay!!! I mean mine isn't one of those... but they look great and I am excited!!!

Valerie said...

So amazingly thoughtful of you to take the time to make one for everyone. How cute are each of those?! And thank you so much for posting that poem on the other post. Wow. I'm definitely typing that one up and posting it where I can see it on a daily basis. Beautiful truths, and those were needed by me this week. Thank you, again. :)

AM from White House, Black Shutters said...

How gorgeous, I love these! So glad I found you, I'm following you. Can't wait to browse your archives - if this is how awesome the rest of your blog is then I am definitely in for a treat!

Take care,
Ann Marie

naskren said...

wow! love these. "be still and know" is definitely my favorite.

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