brioche au chocolat

brioche chocolat

i am sorry.  you did not know that you wanted to come to my house for brunch this morning.  and now i am going to make you sad you missed it.

i baked this amazing brioche (a light bread made with eggs and butter) filled with dark chocolate ganache late last night just so my sweeties could enjoy it for breakfast this morning.  this was another success from my birthday cookbook. funny how my birthday gift from jesse benefits him so much. :)

brioche au chocolat

i didn't get a great photo of the rolled inside (my tastebuds could not resist).  maybe next time?

speaking of next time, i will forgoe the drizzled (more like dolloped) ganache on top.  it made it super messy to cut slices, plus i liked the look of the caramelized sugar crust better.

so will you forgive me for not inviting you over for this yumminess?  i would have loved to bake one for each of you.

i feel like i need to listen this song while nibbling my brioche and sipping a cafe au lait.  hmmmm. . . someday i will grab my man and steal away for a romantic getaway in france.  until then, i will bake.


Peeper said...

YUM!!! YUM!!! YUM!!!

Emily said...

Yum. I now want to make this too! I told my husband about your husband buying you the bread book and he ordered one for me as a surprise! I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Thank you for your honesty and inspiration and also for introducing me to 'inspired to action'. I am feeling very challenged but inspired as a a mum of 3 under 4.
Thank you!

Rebecca said...

Miam! Très bien fait mon amie. J’adore la brioche (mieux avec du chocolat) et la chanson. Tu peux m’en faire une si tu veux:)

Sita said...

PLease invite me next time ;) That looks sooo yummy!!

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