baby schreck and soft blocks

our good friends jerry and melissa are expecting their first child next month! so exciting. i think there is something wrong with me - i am already gaga over brand new babies again. i see them and get all week in the knees.  it is not full blown baby fever but it is getting there.  i think i need to go down to enzo's room and stare at him for awhile.  wait, i was talking about baby schreck . . . okay, last weekend, i was unexpectedly able to attend one of melissa's showers.  i so wanted to see her with a nice big pregnant belly.  love them!

melissa and me

she is glowingly gorgeous.

baby schreck is in there!!!!

baby schreck is in there!!!

soft blocks for baby schreck

i tried my hand at some soft baby blocks for the first time.  they were surprisingly easy once you know the pattern.  we are not sure if baby schreck is a boy or girl, but these browns, blues, and greens are very gender neutral.  i used only material i had in my scrap pile (shocking, i know), so this was a great use of extra remnants. 

soft blocks for baby schreck

we are praying for their journey into parenthood and looking forward to seeing that sweet little one soon.


~april said...

i love the baby blocks! i asked my mom to make some little soft balls for our son so when he throws them they do not break anything. thankfully he is not much of a throw-er yet--unless you count food on the floor ;)

Lora said...

you look so pretty! i love those long necklaces you're wearing.

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