you asked - finding great giveaways

How do you find all the great giveaways that you do?
(and btw, because of you freecycle is now part of my daily routine and I am sharing the joy with others!)

Kimberly Martin-Boyd

first off, i just want to say that it is so fun spreading the freecycle love.  isn't it just the coolest?  

okay, about the giveaways.  this is simple, but not necessarily doable for everyone.  i find great giveaways because i read great blogs.  seriously, that is it.  i love the inspiration, information, and encouragement i find on-line.  i am also home a lot.  even for a sahm.  most of this is due to the fibro. some of it is the stage of life (newborn and two young kiddos).  and a part of it is i just love being home.  i work hard to create a place where we want to spend our time.

basically, if you have the time and inclination, you too can read great blogs, find great giveaways, and maybe even win once in awhile.  i am currently working on a list of favorite reads and i will let you know when i pull it together. 

i thought this was an especially timely question.  over the weekend i won four tickets for the illinois-wisconsin basketball game through  fun, right?  (and i f you are a local mama, check out their blog!)

go illini

here is enzo showing off some illini pride.  he was enthralled with the bright lights and made friends with all our neighbors.  

we decided to leave the older kiddos at home.  jesse's back is still pretty sore - but much better! - and we didn't want to be chasing them around the steep stairs of assembly hall.  they hung out with grandpa instead. 

go illini

oh blurry cell phone photos.  you make me cringe.  but i'll take what i can get i guess.

go illini

our friends lacey and matt joined us for the game (and even found a last minute babysitter for their little lily).  i meant to take a photo of lacey and i, but we were just too busy talking.  nothing like catching up during basketball.

what you can't tell in these photos is how wet we got during the five minute walk in steady rain from our parking space.  i don't think jesse's hair ever dried.   

go illini

 being a three month old spectator is hard work. 

this was such a fun afternoon outing.  too bad we lost.  thanks for the giveaway!

and another reason this is a timely question?  i will be having my first giveaway later this month!  yay for blogs and blogging! 


Laura said...

Thanks for the shout-outs! Glad you had a good time :-).

Kimberly Martin-Boyd said...

Thanks for answering! You rock! This summer I will finish my 2nd master's and then have oodles of time for blogging;)

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