why my husband is awesome

birthday bread

this was waiting for me on thursday morning.

(edit: to clarify, the stand mixer was not a birthday gift from jesse.  it was a wedding shower gift from my late grandpa nearly 10 years ago.) 

birthday bread

i have been wanting this book and even more so, i have been really really wanting to start baking bread.

birthday bread

tomorrow i will try out the rye bread recipe.  (isn't that note sweet?)

last night, he put the pride and prejudice dvd in for a friday movie night snuggle session.  he even asked if we could read the book together sometime soon.  i know, right?

then this morning,  he made me breakfast in bread - eggs, toast, juice, and chai!

spring pillows w.i.p.

and then he gave me the day to spend however i chose.  (but i did need to stay close by for frequent feedings since enzo is still sick.)  i have been wanting to make spring pillow cases for the couch and today i finally had enough time to work on them without any littles afoot.  i had the whole upstairs to myself!

tomorrow he and the kiddos are making dinner.

this birthday weekend is oh so nice.


Lora said...

oh my goodness! you are such a blessed woman to have such a wonderful husband like that!! wow...

nicole said...

that is a thoughtful gift!

Sue said...

Either he had a great mother who taught him how to be such a generous husband or you have trained him well over the years.

geschichtenvonkat said...

now THAT is a thoughtful and lovely gift, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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