this is jesse

this is jesse
this is jesse in pain.
teeth clenching, take your breath away, back spasming pain.
not able to go to work pain.
the kind of pain that makes you want to stay in bed for four days with ice packs and heating pads and muscle relaxants.

this is jesse
this is jesse laughing at me taking pictures of his grungy self.
while also maybe throwing in a few comments about the smell associated with someone so grungy.
lovingly of course.

this is jesse
this is jesse realizing that laughing makes his pain get oh so much worse.
and begging me to stop making him laugh.
but i think he is cute and it is hard to stop.

this is jesse
this is jesse having worse pain.
and no longer able to laugh about it.
poor guy.
now i feel bad.
sorry hon.

this is jesse
this is jesse.
and i think he is cute even when he is grungy.
and smelly.


George's Mum said...

Jesse looks cute! and you have a PRINCESS BED!!!!!! eeek x x

Sorry he's in pain- sounds sucky!

Lora said...

you're right! he is cute! love the hair. :)

Jennifer said...

Alyssa it is a pleasure to have you win..I love your personality...

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