spring is coming

wrapped and ready

yesterday the littles and i spent the morning outside.  it was enzo's first time in the backyard.  we never took him back there once in the last three months.  is that weird?  it was just too cold before this week.

breaking through

we explored all of the nooks and crannies to see what was growing.

march bubbles


roses before

i pruned rose bushes.   (don't worry, this is the before)

luca poses

luca likes to pose.  and it makes me laugh.  and the combination of a too long shirt and too short jacket make me laugh more.  definitely time to sort through clothes. . .again.


the potager is waiting for seeds.

hey little beds, spring is coming!


sandra said...

i can't wait for spring. your garden is amazing! did you use cedar for your beds? we are going to be putting some in this spring and was just wondering what most people use.

nicole said...

i am having potager envy!

annalea said...

sandra - yes we did use untreated cedar.
nicole - it is one of my fave places to be.

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